Takara What Do U Want from Me Lyrics

Grusky / Soto

U tell me it's over & it's been that way 4 some time
Yet when u don't hear my voice 4 days, u still lose your mind
How long can u keep me, keep me hangin' on
There's something I need 2 know


Tell me, tell me, what do u want from me
cuz I can't stand the pain
Tell me, tell me, what r u askin' of me
I can't go on this way

I succumb 2 your every need as u pull me in again
Then u turn like a battered child, as u say someday maybe we'll be friends
Your emotions' r spinning, spinning round & round
But, someday it'll come 2 an end


U gotta make up your mind
U know something's got 2 give
Girl you're running out of time
Cuz I've got a life 2 live


I don't know what I think I'm holding on 2 or what we will find
Cuz baby, baby, baby, baby

I can't win if u say you're coming back
But I still lose if u go

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