Takara Say U'll Stay Lyrics


are u really what i've been looking 4
or just another figment in my mind

i never really learned
the rules of the game
but in your arms i'll make 'em up with time

all i need's a sign from u
all i need's a reason 2 show u


& i'll be the light that gets u thru the day
say u'll stay with me 4ever
i'll be there when u need me thru the night
say u'll stay with me 4ever

your every move is graceful & fine
all the woman a man could ever take

tell me i'm not making
another big mistake
but i can't risk letting u go

part time lovers are a thing of the past
i'm in need of something i know will last

till now i thought i'd never find
a love 2 ease my mind


so stop only 4 a moment
& hear me when i'm sayin
I want u, & I need u

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