James Yorkston As Steady as She Goes Lyrics

Your sister was always trouble your sister she just was not shy and all the stories she told me of her foreign holidays
Designed to raise the stakes and put colour in my cheeks and show you she could have anything she wanted and lord was I sorely tempted
She's laughing as I cannot look her in the eye and now she's taking hold my hand steady as she goes

and you want me as man, with a rose held in my mouth
and everything is a sin everything is dangerous it seems
but now I'm cursing on the thorns and coughing out the blood
one day until the weekend and I am thirsty beyond my dreams

We took a little drink for summer it is a drinking season
And we took a long long walk for what else here could we do
That involved the two of us for an hour slowly disappearing that involved the two of us a long long way from little old you
Don't let your mind get you far away for nothing much occurred steady as she blows

And you quick in my ear like a kid store whistles
And tonights a night for I will not be awoken
But shes all claws and feathers and spite and spittle
And we are slipping and sliding with greed and anticipation

And the couple behind the pier you'll remember fine as being us my dear
We made the front-page news for a moment took a local ear
I kept my head I swam ashore the blame was solely mine for you even though I saved her skin I rode back out and I brought her in
And you cursed me under and over your breath but her eyes were as good as mine steady as you go

And we watched her so long she turned her tail away
How dare we have wants how dare we want change
For the love of the quiet we keep our heads down
this is a conversation for another time

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