Ludacris Eyebrows Down (Feat. Tity Boi & Dolla Boy) Lyrics

Gotta feel me on this one
Ain't none of this s___ happen overnight
We talking about a long time coming m_________er

[Chorus 2X: Dolla Boy + (t__y Boi)]
It ain't clean on these streets(uh, uh)
It's mean on these streets(yeah)
Blocks up, hats down
Fiends on these these streets
(So please pay attention when you coming around
Cause the blocks got it's eyebrows down, ya heard me)

[Verse One: Ludacris]
I'm still back for the first d___ time
So grab a hold of your seat while I OPEN YOUR MIND
And take you back from when I dropped down from heaven
And I came on my moms and I had a MIC as my f___ing weapon
When I was three I was just a little G
But if you looked in my eyes you would see the future of a real MC
And at the age of nine I wrote my first ryhme
Soon rapping became one of my favorite pasttimes
Everywhere that I went spitting and dabbling
Showing my a__ growing up and started traveling
From one city to the next luda landed in the ATL
Where the pimps and the players dwell
I made a tape did shows and got EX-PO-SURE
And kept learning as my black a__ got OLDER
No matter what I just kept at my trade
I made mistakes but still stayed sharper than a GINSUI BLADE

[Chorus X2]

[Verse Two: Ludacris]
Age 14, my talent show, a beast out of cage
Would have won, but got disqualified for JUMPING OFF STAGE
But I didn't care cause this game started to open it's arms
When I was at Banaker High School pulling fire alarms
So I could get a crowd around me make a name for my BLOCK
People told me keep flowing they didn't want me to STOP
Back when big nose John was my human beatbox
Skipped out on school hit open campus and look out for street COPS
Now I'm known around the town as that "n____ that raps"
From the hill of Maze high to them G roll traps
And I was still making demos perfecting the craft
Some said I wouldn't make it they would giggle and laugh
So I picked up a couple books from DONALD GOINES
About the busimess of this s___ and how to FLIP A FEW COINS
By the age of eighteen I was destined to MAKE IT

[Chorus X2]

[Verse Three: Ludacris]
Age 18, I'm struggling just to survive
But I got a gig working for change at 97.5
Now I'm rapping on the radio increasing their NUMBERS
Still Ludacris, but Alias was Chris LOVA, LOVA
Late nights I'm in the studio using they tools
Me and Poon was smoking weed and breaking all of they rules
But nobody did s___ and they was taking too long
Three years went past and I saved enough cash
To make my own record company and put my self on BLAST
the album was independent it was just for the streets
I sold one thousand albums in my first f___ing week
Then went on to sell fifty, put the cash in my hand
All the record companies biting, but I chose Def Jam
The main reason that I made it and I love the A town
Was because the BLOCK had it's EYEBROWS DOWN, ya heard me

[chorus X2]

[Outro: Ludacris]
Yah, Ive' been waiting a lifetime to get what the f___ I got
It's real man
Hardest working n____ in show business
Believe that
Shout out to Lil fate, I dub, t__i Boi, Chaka Zulu
Yah Woo
The people's music I used to play some happy and some jealous
Cause I'm showered with cash and they can't remove they umbrellas
The people's music I used to play some happy and some jealous
Cause I'm showered with cash and they can't remove they umbrellas
[music fades]
You hear it raining don't ya
You hear it rain

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