Mindfist Continuous Devourment Lyrics

I was a mirror reflecting the reality
also amplifying the negative effects.
I was blinding my surroundings with their anomalies
but something broke deep inside.
It was not their ability and wish to bring me down.
It was my realization that can't help to anyone
if he doesn't want to receive help.
Disappointed from the avoidless decadence
I'm staring through the bars of my inner cage.
The mirror broke and became big black body
devouring whatever comes even near it.
Now the battle continues inside my flesh
grinding the neurons, synapses and axis.
But no improvement can be done without sacrifice.
I've sacrificed them, their bodies, their eyes
I've sacrificed their empty voyages.
Now I'm stripped from any influences
it's just a battle that morphs into joy.
The pain becomes so sweet, so needed
it's nothing less than water, air and sun.
My battle has just change it's battlefield
it continues as long as my life
or maybe even with someone else
or maybe that someone else is no longer out there.

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