Johnny Hoton Whispering Pines Lyrics

The [D] snowflakes fall, it's winter's call
And [G] time just seems to [D] fly
Is it the loneli-[G] ness in me
That [D] makes me [A7] wanta [D] cry
My heart is sad like a mourning dove
That's [G] lost it's mate in [D] flight
Hear the cooin' of his [G] lonely heart
Through the [D] stillness [A7] of the [D] night.

Whisperin' [A7] Pines, Whisperin' Pines
[G] Tell me is it [D] so
Whisperin' [A7] Pines, Whisperin' Pines
[G] You're the one whwho [D] knows
My darlin's [A7] gone, oh, she's gone
And I [G] need your sym-pa-[D] thy
Whisperin' Pines
[G] Send my [D] baby [A7] back to [D] me.

See that squirrel up in the tree
His mate there on the ground
Hear their barking call of love
>From the happiness they've found
Is my love still my love?
Oh, this I've gotta know
Send a message by the wind
Because I love her so.


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