B.G. Get Wild With It Lyrics

(B.G. Talking)
Whats Happening
It's Lil B Gizzle (Check Me Out)
Ying Yang Twins (Oh Yeah)
And We need a hot girl
I'm tellin you we want you to do it like this

Ying Yang Twins [B.G.]
Bounce u booty, shake your a__ hoe (Work, work, work that back)
Take ya clothes off hoe (Work, work, work that back)
If you down with that city (Work, work, work that back)
If you ain't scared of this d___ (Work, work, work that back)

[Chorus: Ying Yang Twins]
Bounce that booty like a basketball (What)
Hoe get crunk, and hold the wall
Lord (Ooh Lord) Lord (Ooh Lord)
Lord (Ooh Lord) Lord (Ooh Lord)
Hoe, shake it like the renters do (What)
Naked while you talkin hoe, I ain't saying s___ to you
No (Ooh No) No (Ooh No)
No (Ooh No) No (Ooh No)

B.G. (D-Roc):
I'm a gangsta, I like a nasty a__ hoe
When we make it happen, you know exactly how it go
First nut I bust, hear she a pro
I ain't gotta ask, it goes straight down the throat
I'm a hot boy, you know what I expect
A hot girl with good s__ and good neck
I'm a g, I'm a player, I'm a pimp, I'm a mack
I wanna see you work that back
Lay it down, hit the club, hit the floor
Catch the wall, later on shake it off and break it off
Let me and my n____z f___ you like a dog
and we gonna f___ you like a doll
Say D-Roc you got one, I got one (Yep)
My hoe said you could get f___ if your hoe say I can f___ (Yep)
Let's talk n____, you know I'm fine with it (Alright)
Let's get them hoes together, make 'em get wild with it (Alright)


Why you talking like a superstar, All the a__ and t__ties
b____, I give a d___ who you are
While we at the nudie bar
Shorty said I'm being rude for her
Ain't s___ I could do for her
She the one b___ naked in the club
Talking bout I'm disrespectful, let's f___
I just want my d___ sucked
We be chancing, D-Roc have some big farmers in the trunk
Must be jelly cause jam shake like that
I'm the cold, baby back your a__ up on that
Let me see if your p____ fat
Touch it where your private at
Is you cool with that?
Cause you bouncin that booty like you riding the d___
Got me wanna f___, d___ hard and s___
It's on you if you bout a b____
f___ all that nasty s___, get nasty b____


I'm a hot boy, real hot d___ n____
Travel from state to state, Hoes jock this n____
Working with hot mouth, you got this n____
I'm a G, j______ let you watch this n____
When I skeet, gotta play left field (Splash)
Catch it in your mouth, wipe a little in your ear
Keep it real, Even let you bring a friend (Alright)
She see how I work you, best she wanna join in


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