E-40 Jump My Bone Lyrics

(Voicebox: Wow, wow, wow, wow ooh jump my bone)

I hope we can all get alone tonight
I'm tryin' to take me somethin' home tonight
Lay on my back talk on my phone and get my head lay on
Then after that she gon' jump my bone (2x)

Gettin tweeded up in the club n____s in the parking lot
sasquatch pipmin b____es from different cities
And I'm tryin' to stick my ding-a-ling
between one of these super badass b____es
"Say ho, oh, you don't want me to talk to you like that?"
She say, "Oh I got your hoe, besides n____
I don't even listen to rap"
I said, "How you know a m_________er rap?"
She say, "Ain't you 40-water?
I read an article on you while I was up under the dryin' net
magazine double XL" (XXL)
I heard that, okay what's crackaleezie what's the heezie deezie?
Why you try to act like you was God's gift to the world
a few minutes of a keezie leezie?
All my dentures gathered around to take a look
at this bankded beauty Dolly Parton gluteus maximus
a__ big enough to fit a cup on her booty (booty),
straight Centerfold Suzette
I'm in the mix (I'm in the mix) check it out
I'm in the mix like a blender
Stay right down the street from Paul from the Diamond Center
I used to cut grass for a livin'
But now I count cash for a livin' (beotch, BEOTCH!)


Now, there was a cool little old f___
Smoked a little broccelius then we stopped by the burrito truck
Stuck, man this s___ here's crazy
I'm in a Ford, Fix Or Repair Daily
Old school antique lifters tickin'
with a gas leak radiator off the heater reads
I'm in a desperate need of some antifreeze
s___, s___, s___, s___, s___, s___ what the f___'s wrong with this car?
s___, s___, s___, s___ I should've drove my Northstar
Dependable, new school get you where you need to be when you need to be
Enemies aimin' at me with they darts
While I'm footin' it, walkin' to Kragens Auto Parts


A week later, everything was fo' sho'
My album was about to drop so I went on a promotional to'
Bus driver why you cruisin' dude? Where we headed?
Houston Texas, one mo' mile, two mo' exits
Quarter to three me and the Mossie checkin' in at the Doubletree
lemme call my dudes, who? 8-ball and MJG
Ball where da hoes?
All the hoes be at Poppago's
Later on that day
Say you know a m_________er can't come to Houston
without visitin' Little J
The Scarfaces, The Drapers and The Greens
The Northsides and Club Boomerangs and BEOTCH!


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