Tad Lycanthrope Lyrics

Yeah I feel ugly
I want my mommy
Don't make funna me or I'll start to cry
Yeah I'm a baby
A full-grown whiner
Don't you touch me 'less you wanna die

Yeah I smell horrible
And I'm thirsty
Better give me water or I'll b_____ your head
My teeth are grindin'

I'm goin straight to hell

I'm on a rampage
I've lost my mind
There's no emotion in my cold eye
I've got an itch
That can't be scatched
Adrenalin hunt
I'm on the warpath

Dirt on my teeth
Under my nails
I don't know just where I have been
Give me a scent
That I can stalk
My teeth are grindin'

I'm goin' straight to hell

You're goin' straight to hell

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