Juelz Santana Back Again Lyrics

well i guess you back again, back with my forty five got a new car to drive
charging to stay alive, back again, same gangsta team new gangsta lean chasing the f___ing green, back again bently to the back throwing welly tags lady's holla back, back again, this time we here to stay aint got no time to play stay out my f___ing way. back agian

just like flash was,
bad like shaft was ,
react like cashews ,
what he did up in the ring with his back up ,
against the ropes jab,jab,back up.
It's all for what?
all for us,
all for bucks,
you chumps remind me of mr.softy trucks
icy n____s, bannana boat, milkshake, icecream n____s,
i dont like these n____s, nope.
I pop shots hot glocks shoot through vans too,
oh boo bop blew ban boo move,
and i'm fo really with this milly yo,
leave many hoes like the cereal cheerios,
you into funny money,
i'm raking the silly dough,
the type that dont really fold,
just sitting and getting old,
I got the game in a loop kid kind of like snoop did,
its more then me its more the music i'm(hook)

come through new coupe z three plus fifty
me plus jimmy speed up slow easy up quickly
yeah we puff really,
yeah we just silly,
party buddies yeah he just kills me s___,
and i'm sick in the mind,
they dont understand this strife style lifestyle living of mine,
but still i'm (back again)
back with my forty five,
cadillac that my shorty drive,
magy mad cause my shorty live,(back again)
straight from four forty five
west five three and hamster,
also known as gramsterdam,
way before the santana man,
long time ago way before the bandanna d___,
young scrammy scram on the block hand and hand,
hard i was slanging it straight laron james with it,
no big star,
no big car,
one big rock,
one big block i'll go far (hook)

now this has been one hell of a year,
this has been one hell of a ride,
i'm telling you guys,
they thought we'd never survive jacquline high
or the great american pie weapons callide'
dead or alive'
left with no choice but to unbetter our lifes,
get up and strive,
but um, get up and roll,
get up you know,
get up and go these m____fuckas aint letting us go,
so we get up and take it,
get up and make it,
happen for us,
nobody can get up and take this
and rapping we trust,
gak packings a must
its part of my nature partof my wake up
part of my waist yep,
part of my waist chump
for this part of my waistr chump
come part of your face yep,
yeah its santana part of the great stuff,
but really parton im great chump.

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