Alberto Vasquez y Angelica Maria 16 Toneladas Lyrics

Some people say a man is made of a mud
A poor man's made of muscie and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that's weak and a back that's strong

*You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me cause I can't go
I woe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin'
When the sun didn't shine
I picked up my shovel, I walked to the mine
I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
And the strawboss said " Well best my soul "

(Repeat *)

I was born one mornin', it was drizzling rain
Fightin' and trouble are my middle name
I was raised in a cane
Brake by an old name'lion can't
No, Icall woman make me walk the line

(Repeat *)

If you see me comin' better step a side
A lotta man didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't get you
Then the left on will you

(Repeat *)

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