Municipal Waste Thrash_! don't mind if I do Lyrics

Now it's time we raise the stakes
And thrash this town we f___in' hate
Your beer prices are way to high
Sell it cheap or f___ing die!
Doormen don't charge us
Cause they're scared that we'll charge them
We'll leave 'em dead and twitching
I couldn't help but notice that the band I came to see
Was playing to the speed of Kenny G
A trail of victims in my wake
Crushing skulls till faces break
Another night with the Waste
Ungodly scene of guts and beer
b_____ faces stiff with fear
We only play the fast s___ here!
Don't mind if I do
Storm of pain-troops of thrash
Four (chill) dudes that will whip your a__
Sites are set-now it's time
Thrash out of your mind!
Thrash don't mind if I do!

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