ThouShaltNot The White Beyond Lyrics

You were born into the world a situational Pariah
Spoke in tongues, misunderstood like some unrecognized Messiah
At the bottom of the sea, I was bathed in your forgiveness
Now the world has split in three, leaving me your only witness

Is there proof you ever lived?
Is there something more transcendent?
Will these moments die with me?
Are they no so independent?

Could a child in five hundred years be given recollection
Of your smile, of your eyes through divinest intervention?

I will shout it from the mountain
When your soul is taking flight
I will tell your tale in blood
I will keep your flame alight
And when I breathe away my strength
I'll find you in the white beyond
And from above, we'll make the rain
To water mortal dreams at night

Do you feel the blood divide beneath your skin?
Dividing all to come and all that's been?
Do you see your own reflection when you stare into the blinding sun?

I am there
I am here
I look down upon every summit far below me
Snow untouched by fear
I am in the air now

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