Elliot Yamin Ft. Nina Sky Wait For You Remix Lyrics

Nina Sky]

ooh ooh
oooooh oooooh
Been a while since you and I've spoken but you have to know
All the reasons i felt the need to let you go, ooh
I gave u everything, but boy i never felt like u were there for me.
Started when u were leaving town like every week
I knew that you were seeing someone s__ually, ooh
How could u lie to me?
It hurts inside of me
Theres no denying
That i had to go and get out of this
You were bad for my life.
It wasn't easy, no
And i was scared
But i had to do what was right.

[Elliot Yamin]

I never felt nothing in the world like this before
Now I'm missing you,and I'm wishing you would come back through my door, ooh
Why did u have to go?
You could have let me know,
So now I'm all alone.
Girl you could've stayed but you coudn't give me a chance
With you not around its a little bit more then i can stand ooh
And all my tears they, keep running down my face
Why did u turn away?
So why does your pride make you run and hide
Are you that afraid of me?
But i know its a lie what you keep inside
This is not how you want it to be.

So baby i will wait for you
Cuz i don't know what else i can do
Don't tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life
Baby i will wait for you
If u think I'm fine it just ain't true
I really need you in my life
No matter what i have to do
Ill wait for you

[Elliot Yamin]

Its been a long time since you called me
How could you forget about me?
You got me feeling crazy, ooh
how could you walk away
everything stays the same
i just cant do it baby
what will it take to make u come back
girl i told u what it is and it just aint like that
why cant u look at me
You're still in love with me
Don't leave me crying

Baby why cant we just
Just start over again
Get it back to the way it was
If u give me a chance
I can love you right
But your telling me it wont be enough

So baby i will wait for you
Cuz i don't know what else i can do
Don't tell me i ran out of time
if it takes the rest of my life
Ill wait for you.

[Nina Sky]
Baby you can wait if you wanna
Can stay if u wanna
But today i ain't gonna come back
Boy u played your game like u wanted
And lost cuz u fronted
So today its ending like that.

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