Strawbs Ghosts Lyrics

Go to sleep my babies
Don't you wake up
The stars will keep you company
So close your eyes
Old Uncle Moon will shine his dearest sweetest dreams
And hold you in your arms
Until the morning comes.

Night Light

Dark the night, not a sound
Damp and cold, frosty ground
Above your head the lion screams
To tear you from your moonlit dreams.

Damp with sweat, mouth is dry
Twisted branches catch the eye
Beside your bed the angel stands
You cannot touch his withered hands.

Guardian Angel

As the lion's eyes dance before me
They are kindly yet b_____ red
I can see that he is smiling
But I cannot live inside his head.

There the needle stands before me
I climb inside it towards the light
Where the angel stands in glory
His sword of peace defends the night.

So the world is spread before
As I fly high on angel wings
But the angel is deceiving
For he is weeping as he sings.

Night Light (continued)

Early birds, morning breeze
Spinning leaves, sleepy trees
Gently tap the window pane
It's good to see the sun again.

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