Young City "Chopper" Lil' Daddy Lyrics

[Deeper voice {Lighter voice} (Diddy)]
That boy, {I see ya lil daddy} (young city)
That grill, {I see ya lil daddy} (we here now, bad boy south)
That truck, {I see ya lil daddy} (as we proceed, as we proceed to give you what you need)
Them grillz, {I see ya lil daddy} (you ready, lets go)

[Young City]
Got a deal, now it's real, a chrome-dipped caddy
I'm a pimp, that's how I live, I see ya lil daddy
Shawty jea, now I'm here, so mean wit ya fatty
I'm a pimp, that's how I live, I see ya lil daddy

[Verse 1]
I know you see me stuntin, big bodies is all I want now
My mouth's about a hundred, some say that I'm the s___ now
I done came a long way from the get down, hustlin, jus re-upped but I gained nothin'
s___ done changed when the lil m____fucka n____ started makin hits now
Girlies that Neva used to talk to me, talk to me
Cause I got it made and the kids look up to me
I'm escaladin on them thangs cause I'm young city
Pimp pretty things and they go ‘fo' a buck fifty
No now you can see me in the drop-top
Oh ma that boy from the hot block
Wit me is my semi, neva stay empty cause I gotta keep it on c___, c___
Just in case you try to ball the block, no way cause I call the shots
Show me n____, tell me not anything, you spend, you flip, you trip, I got
From the yacht, to the g-4, to the g-5, this is stock
Back to the platinum chains and my watch
You can see the purple ring when I spot
I talk cause I live it, on a mission to double up
My wrist on a count of dup, get ready 'fo it bubbles up, yup
Cause I'm

[Chorus: Young City]
That boy, I see ya lil daddy
That grill, I see ya lil daddy
That truck, I see ya lil daddy
Them grillz, I see ya lil daddy
Got a deal, now it's real, a chrome-dipped caddy
I'm a pimp, that's how I live, I see ya lil daddy
Shawty jea, now I'm here, so mean wit ya fatty
I'm a pimp, that's how I live, I see ya lil daddy

[Verse 2: Young City] + (Diddy)
I'm a bad boy millionaire, look at how I spin my hair
So fresh so clean from my head to my feet I dont think y'all heard me clear
I done walked for that cheese, now I got cheesecake oh yea
Lil boy you dont really wanna go there
Dont hurt yaself tryin to keep up cause I do it all year
Look at the price of my jag, look at the name in my tag
Visa's from my momma seater's they be poppin them tags
G's up scrubs down, man it feel good to get love now
And I'm up next to best, how ya lovin that
cause it's really bout to go down (your next kid)
No picture on the mound won't strike me (uh-uh)
I dont give a f___ who dont like me
Get y'all m____fuckas know who I be
Keep it up and get put on I.V.
And I ain't got love, it's good reason why I'm rich as f___ but sho 'nuf
Same good reason to make 'em go nuts when I pull out the aqua green truck
With the diamond in the back, 26 shinin
What mo can I say, I'm ballin and I'm on fire
I'm that n____ that ya want, I'm that n____ that ya need
I'm here like I neva left, I'm soon to be the f___in king
See I'm


[Verse 3: Young City] + (Diddy)
Ah, I'm so in love wit myself cause I made it and I didnt need no help (yea, uh huh)
Regulated to the basement, I'ma be from a ten speed, I'm so blessed (bad boy south, young city)
I got credit cards, I got checks, bout a hundred broads, keep 'em unda check
Ima really make it hard for you to process, make way for tha boy cause I got next (I see you lil daddy)
I got this - in a chokehold, dont f___ around wit me cause I'm loco
Got franks in the bank, that's why they wanna bank out wit me but I rock solo
Dolo from state to state, why do these haters hate
Is it cause I'm eatin wit and I backin them easy cakes
Any time of the day I be low-key, untamed n____ you can't hold me
Got fame to my name, put change to ya brain Neva step into the path of a O.G.
Right arm is king-cut bracelet, left arm is a new presidential rolie
Cause I'm in a brand new situation, f___ payback, y'all m____fuckas owe me (bad boy)
Everything I got I deserve, got the record say I'm hot, I'm superb
Not artificial, real to the bone, wrist'll arm n____, n____ get hot in herre
Seen what are you bootin up, dont make me pollute ya up
Wit my young shawties and they shootin up
Cause I'm


[Diddy talking] + (background music)
Young City (I see ya lil daddy)
Bad Boy South, young prince of the south (I see ya lil daddy)
Bad Boy South, we here now (I see ya lil daddy)
(I see ya lil daddy) hah, hah, hah, hah-hah
Yo we been doin this so long we decided
jus to go to other regions wit this (I see ya lil daddy)
The empire strikes back (I see ya lil daddy)
Yall didnt expect him to come wit this one (I see ya lil daddy)
Young City, rememba the name (I see ya lil daddy)

I see ya lil daddy

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