Babbie Mason Jesus Is Lord Of All Lyrics

God gave him a name
Above all others
A name full of power
Worthy of honor
A name exaulted high
Above the heaven
A name full of reverence
Holy and blessed

And at the name of Jesus
Every tongue shall sing His praise
Crying Holy, Holy, Holy
To the Lamb For sinners slain

Every knee shall bow
And Every tongue confess
Jesus Is Lord of all
All to the glory of God
Let all the saints proclaim
Let all the nations say
Jesus Is Lord of All
Jesus is Lord of All

Gathered round the throne
We'll echo the angels
Singing his praises
Thoughout the ages
And Jesus will be there
In all His majesty
In splendour and glory
The lamb who is worthy

And those who are the ramsomed
Join the song of the redeemed
We will hail him as the Lord of lord
And crown him King of kings

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