The Singing Cookes That Same Spirit Lyrics

Jesus said it it's expedient for me to go away.
But I'll send you another carpenter, to guide you from day to day.
So they tarried, at Jerusalem for power from on high.
That same spirit, that they received, within my heart abides.

I can feel his holy spirit, a dwelling deep within
Well sometimes it, feels so gently and sometimes like a mighty rushing wind.
Well that same spirit, that raised Jesus up from death and the grave.
It shall raise, this old body up and take me home someday.

V2. Oh they layed him in an empty tomb and they rolled a stone at the door.
They put soilders, there to guard him.
You know they thought they'd done away with the Lord
But on that third day, the stone was rolled away and he came forth from the grave
And that same spirit, that raised Jesus up will take me home someday.

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