Mack 10 Westside Slaughterhouse Lyrics

(Mack 10)
Microphone check I.O. from the west coast beller and tella
I cuss like a sella when you see her shes a gonna
Moved to California blew the b____ up put the gangsta twist on
Her sunny southern cal it never snows
n____s yellin' ha's and ho's we dumpin out of 64's
When it comes to the gun play we vets
It's west coast foe life no crew only sets

(Ice cube)
It's the dog breathen through the smog
I'm a hog of this gangster s___
Don of the click
All you suckas want to dis the pacific
But you buster n____s never get specific
Used to love her mad cause we f___ed
Her p____ whipped b____ with no common sense
Hip Hop started in the west
Ice Cube bailin' through the east without a vest

Now as I look to my riznight and to my left
I see m_________ers staring like they wanna step
So I'm grabin' my rusty screw driver
In case I got to cut ya deeper than Vanessa Del Rio's v_____
Finda notha crew of n____s that can f___ with this
Lyrical bully given verbal bruises to crews fool
You must be on d___ dope and dynamite
How you figure speed on before you get peed on n____

(Mack 10)
Fool what side is you
Red or the blue
While as the L.A. zoo it's round two
I ignite grab the mic tight strike like a ratle bring
Rhymes and nines to the m_____fuckin battle
So sun down to sun up run up with my gun up
All brakes get to pumpin'
They know a n____ dumpin'
You dred like a rasta when I lock like a terrier
Mack 10 the n____ with the heat that i'll berry ya

(Ice Cube)
Oh ah,oh ah, do a walk by and watch everybody die
n____s into gangs thangs and narcotics
Freak b____es riches and hydrolics
Pull heat knock you off yo feet
Clear thewhole block both sides of the street
Even crips and bloods hear my thuds
Fee fy foe fum a n____ where you from "Westside"

f___ all you n____s I'm yellin'
This is maad circle to the fullest everybody 187um
Toons play the piano f___ a battle
I'm socking rappers like mad man Sontiago
'Cause you n____s ain't impressin' me plus you singin' big red records
So n____ f___ what you tellin' me
Sit down Jr. you couldn't see me if you wanted to
Look ya'll it Mack 10,Cube and the double you

(Mack 10)
I just had a scrap fo the neighborhood inglewood sterotype
Got to deal with the hype
Known to kick back with the fat sack f___ that
Where my gat at n____ trippin off my bulls hat
About to let loose with the chrome tray dude 5 shots
And I put holes in yo Bandana
I push a Benz you still rollin' Gs
So n____ miss me with the set trip
And start slangin' keys

(Ice Cube)
When I say itchy citchy
n____s get b____y b____y cause they heard of ah
Natural born murderah
I'm like Frankenstein is spankin' time
Layin' in the sunshine
With only one nine
Now who wants to bust with the never rust
Goin' platinum plus every time I cuss
So f___ the whole world black n____s
Better hope I don't grow my jeri curl back

Steper murderah stepin' out a Chevrolet
Sportin' a beenie like Marvin Gaye
Stalkin' walkin' in my big black chuck's
Standin' t'all in your freestyle session holdin' my b____
I'm peepin' game like a ref in '95
'Cause n____s be foul and biten other n____s styles
But if you're biten this you better bring a dentist
'Cause sucking these b____ ah give yo a__ lock jaws

(Mack 10)
Which way shall I go n____ what should I do
Should I bang with the red should I truce with the blue
Should I rock dope beats grab the mic and stay down
Or should I shoot out of town and flip this pound
s___ I never knew that my nuts ah get bigger
Checkin' major figures I'm hangin with platinum n____s
It's Mack 10 and I'm inglewood swangin
No time fo bangin'
But still got my cackeys hangin'

(Ice Cube)
f___ one love it's the b_____ glove killin' honkey hoes
Leaving blood stains on Broncos
In a Hertz rental I drive on the 405
Is he dead or alive
m_________in court took another snort
Jumpin' over chairs as I run through the airport
So I can catch a flight away from the drama
Number 32 chillin' in the Bahamas

Sucky ducky quack n____s ain't knowin' how to act
Sucka ducks play the back
n____ use to dis now it's turning around and like Brandy
m_________ers wanna be down
With this west coast rap game I can give a f___
If you wasn't down at first you can buck these nuts
Transformers get stole on boom (BOOOM)
Get the picture killa cali home of the body bags n____

Westside (x2)

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