Crystal Lewis Lion And The Lamb Lyrics

Who is He...The mightiest of all
Who is He...Creation trembles at His call
Who is He...The lowly sacrifice, who paid a victims price
His name is Jesus

Jesus...From the Father's own right hand
Jesus...Son of God and son of man
Jesus...Who died and rose again
Jesus...He's the Lion and the Lamb

Who is He...With the power none can tame,
Who is He...That evey foe would fear His name
Who is He...Who was humbly led away, to suffer that dark day
His name is Jesus
He's the Lion and the Lamb
He's the Lamb that was slain
He's the Lion that reigns
My Savior and King both the same

Who is He...With the eyes that burn like fire
Who is He...Oh the wonder He inspires
Who is He...Who bore the guilt and shame
For those who's gone astray
His name is Jesus

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