Scarface Ya Money Or Ya Life Lyrics

One up for the hustlers and two times for the mathematics
Long as I can grind I'm scratching
Stacking cause moneys got a funny way of finding
Your a__ this coming out your account when you start the climbing
and blindly got you on a major chase for paper
And now you got your eyes on my vault tryin' to take my paper
The vapors will leave n____s wit dreams to face satan
I'm pacin' with infa-red beams just waiting
Hatin' and I don't cause the conversation
He spoke wit his killer but now he's got to face him
Racin cause off in these streets you aint promised tomorrow
So if you bring pain I bring sorrow
I warn you aint never been down to die slowly
Surely I got n____s down to die for me
You owe me and I want it all and that's that
b____ you got to pay wit your life not scratch

Don't want no money
I want your life
Don't want no money
I want your life

We straight n____s roll subtractors gettin down aint no factor
We just like boys in the hood wit no actors
Jack you got n____s dow to come find you
and heat your a__ up and leave your yesterdays behind you
Remind you a n____s definition means killa
if he out of paper he gots to go bring the skrilla
Stretch you aint never seen drama like I can bring it
I'll wet you and leave you face down for no reason
I seen it- aint many ways that you can change it
I'm dangerous society got me stamped so I'm gon' blame it
Aiming and if you cal canning at the planet
Stampin' any m_____ f___er left standin is stranded
And I want it all and that's that
b____ you got to play wit your life not scratch


If any n____ at the top of his game then you cant hate him
Just watch for n____s who thinkin they game but they can't fade him
I'll cross spray you you makin your moves and I'll spray you
I promise the same promise that the game promise
When m____ f___ers step on my turf I bring drama
How dare you n____s flip the grip check
I'll leave you shipwrecked in the valley of death dry wit your s___ wet
I'm down to die for my s___ I'll put the hood on it
I got my b____ on this s___ that puts the wood on it
I got this strap I call the mind changer
I'm more for realer than the s___ that I kick when I feel that I'm danger
I'll leave your family wit a f___ you note
Where the f___ you wrote
You pay wit your life now f___ you broke

[chorus x4]

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