Hefner Tactile Lyrics

In five minutes I'll be leaving this room,
she doesn't listen but my word how I swoon when she talks,
but talk is never enough.
The dirty talk that's what's bothering me,
And the gaudy walls of this rented property,
I think I'm watching too much p___ on TV.
But I won't go upstairs with her if she talks to me this way,
And I'm not lonely, I'm just bored,
Her clothes are strewn over the living room floor.
I don't want to get laid I just want to be held.
She is unfaithful to a husband 5 miles away,
She lives alone and she rues her wedding day,
She married beneath herself that's what her girlfriends say.
Her smile is sad but not the saddest I've ever seen,
The saddest smiles are in the dirty magazines,
She made me laugh and now she plans to make me scream.
And petticoat hems are rising too high,
Romance is dead I think I see the reason why,
I don't want to get laid I just want to be held.

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