The Twilight Singers Fat City (Slight Return) Lyrics

I musta been near, unclear
Its dark as hell and hot in here
But I'm ready for the stroll-
So release me so I can find-
The couple comes over, I fear-
That they'll lead me to the garden
Where anything I want iz close
Everything I wanted most

Nathan runs a little river-
Cathy gets high-
Joey got arrested when he messed up
Round about sixteen times-
Why you take from a giver?
Why you gotta get high?
Why you watch a carwreck,
Cuz it looks fun to die.

The ship it listed- and things got twisted
Bow down and get yourself lifted-
Party at the mansion, y'all
Party on the day before the fall
You all- Better Listen
Don't question my volition-
The hard way, the eazy way,
The only way-
The lonely way-

Save yourself, you little sinner
Path it up right
Take the road less traveled
Make sure you keep that s___ all tight

Kali nichta...

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