03 ZITA SWOON Lyrics

I'm thinking about you all the time
Is it the howl of the devil or a sound divine?
I know it's wrong but I know it's right
I got to get a grip on you somehow

I spend my days and spend my nights
Going over every second of the time we had
Going over the scenes and going over the dreams
But tripping over all the edges of reality

I'm thinking about you all the time
But it don't do me no good it puts my love on the line
It's like something in the air; it feels cold as ice
I guess that every time you play you got to pay the price

I'm thinking about you all the time
But who are you anyway?
You precious ghost of mine
I hope that when you leave I will survive
But today I feel like drowning in a sea of wine

It sounds bizarre but that's the way it is
I dread the moment I will call you for another kiss
I never ever had a doubt about the life I lead
But since we met I can't help wondering if that's all I need

The apples and pears they taste so good
The summer's coming up and it will do me good
The birds are singing in the trees
All that's lacking is a little bit of inner peaceful

I'm thinking about you all the time
I don't really know why, it's an emotional crime
I got to get back to where I was before
But when I get ther all I do is think some more

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