Various Artists For U Lyrics

With every look from the shore
Worn-out doubts once more
In dim light I saw your shadow
At the back of the dance floor
I crept away, ashamed and humbled
Thought it was killing me
I'll fetch up for that later
Staring at some pictures of you

There's no thought I didn't think
Still so easy to betray
And there's no drink I didn't drink
Now I'm even worse to stand
I told myself a million times
That I'm just on a lull
And it's the ugly world around us
Which makes you that beautiful

Please don't kill me
Please don't let me die
Please don't kill me

But I don't go there for you
I go there for me
Isn't that how it's supposed to be?
And I drink to all you out there
You know I can't be with you tonight

And I never knew how hard you fall
When your feet just slip away
I could dust off instead I call again
Watch me turn to grey
And I watch us until the morning
Dancing on some photos
Of our last months

But I don't go there for me
I go there for you
Coz I don't know what else I'm supposed to do
And I kill myself, I force myself
To know I can't be with you tonight

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