Luscious Jackson Naked Eye.mp3 Lyrics

wearing nothing is divine
naked is a state of mind
i take things off to clear my head
to say the things i haven't said
i live inside the elements
the earth and sky are my best friends
water is the evidence
that washes me from end to end

with my naked eye
i saw all the falling rain
coming down on me
with my naked eye
i saw all if i said it all
i could see

it's not a choice i tried to make
it's not a thought i couldn't take
something told me it was time
to give you yours and leave me mine
my vision started to be clear
i watched the sunlight coming near
i knew the day i knew the night
i knew i could regain my sight
and it feels alright x2


last night i came into your home
to break some ice and throw some stones
i asked if we could be alone
i had some troubles of my own
knew i had to say goodbye
to all the old things held inside
if i let the moment fly
i knew they'd all be magnified

and it feels alright x2

came around after dark
you are nothing but a lark
know i snuck in like a narc
i knew i had to leave my mark
wanted to be satisfied
i tried to be dignified
wearing nothing is divine
naked is a state of mind

and it feels alright x2


it feels alright x9


don't look back
don't look ahead
if it comes...naturally
that's the way it oughta be
if it feels brand new
just let it go...
it's up to you

don't look back...
don't look ahead
stay with me now...
and it'll be alright

and when the time is right
don't let it slip on by... x2

he was on the verge
of knowing her deeper soul
something held him back
and he could not let go
times like this don't
come just everyday
seize the moment
and don't you look away

don't look back
and don't look ahead
just stay here
and it'll be alright

and when the time is right
don't let it slip on by x2

he's falling... x3

don't look back
don't look ahead
don't look back
don't look ahead
don't look back
don't look ahead


you come and get me when i'm all alone
on the corner just skin and bones
fever in and fever out
you're the swinger who brings me doubt
loverboy where you comin' from
down there, out back always on the run
cool, cool, deep blues
you're the shine on my shoes
is it in the damp heat inside of me
or is it in the fire that we collide
i feed you mood swing
but you're never satisfied
is it in the damp heat inside of me
or is it in the fire that we collide
i feed you mood swing
but you're never satisifed

mood swing i can't let you win
you bring me up,
you bring me down
mood swing i can't give in
to your subtle wiles
and your endless miles

you love me now but you'll hate me soon
in the light of the dark moon
smiling faces always turn away
you're the kind that likes to play
your fun and games take me up and down
with the skill of a circus clown
you see through my truth
i give it up 'cause it's up to you
you stare me down how you scare me
but my eyes are open wide
and i will rise to fight you
my delight won't be denied



i'm gettin' in
under your skin

i got the hungry eye
at a northern spy
i watch your smile
my words they float
in and out of the light
i try to make sense
but it's still a fight
we got a smokey past
where minutes last
it took so long to leave so fast
it might not be sweet
feeling this heat

lie down in the fire with me
i burn everything frequently
if it don't feel good
when you first get in
wait 'til it gets under your skin
lie down underneath the breeze
can't cool down when you're down with me
if it don't feel good
when you first get in
wait 'til it gets under your skin

some deeds done wrong
won't scare me long
i've done a few
maybe one or two
if you want to know
all of my original sins
ask the virgin
she knows where i've been
if it ain't too far for you to come
and you want to get to know
it might be sweet
feeling this heat


lie down in the fire with me
i burn everything frequently
if it don't feel good
when you first get in
wait 'til it gets under your skin


what do you feel when you look into my eyes baby
does it come to you as a surprise?
i don't care what
other people say
just as long as i'm here with you
won't you come closer...
'cause i can't seem to find
a way to go now

electric...when we're together
so electric...feelin' like this

all the times we stayed up
all thru the night
laughing and dancing 'til the sun come out
then later, when we're lying together
even our stomachs...
they're speaking to each other
i kiss the ground, i run my fingers through the earth
yes it feels so good to be alive


kiss the ground
(plant the seed deep)
run my fingers through the earth
(within the heart)
yes it feels so good to be alive
(like a child our love grows bigger everyday)
kiss the ground
run my fingers through the earth
yes it feels so good to be alive



stay low, arrows
echoes of heroes
follow their go
borrow halos
climb high, you might die
or stick around to see the sights
take this, drink that
things will start to look right
get lost in the cost
of living in the deep frost
take a ride from this life x2

can you feel it when it's in the night
i take it in with the morning light
everyday underneath the sky
sing along with the lullaby
can you feel it when we step outside
in the sun standing in the tide
it's a shame when i'm in the game
i forget about why i came
hush hush can i
stop the rush
hush hush i'm
stuck in the crush
take a ride from this life x4
take a ride from this life x4
live slow, die old x3


tired of the rain my love
i'm tired of the waiting
if you watch the sky
with your eyes
you'll see the line i walk
i'm not afraid
that's what i say
here and now
can you be brave enough
to risk it all
no matter what?

who'll water your garden when
you descend
flowers can never grow
in the snow

we all want a crowd
by our side
yelling loud
telling us
we should be proud
of what we done
but it takes guts
to give it up
one on one
and if you run
when you are young
when you are old
you'll remember when
you had the chance
to have it all


satsang gattve nissan gattvam nissan
gattve nirmo hattvam nirmo hattve niscala
tattvam niscala tattve jivan mukti


i've been soother
and i've been wife
tried to solve your life
stuck with you through your rainy days
thought that it was just a phase
when the sun came out i tried
to get away and fly
but the needs we had did not subside
what a way for our love to die

i've been hiding behind my gifts
i give until it starts to rip
the skin is torn where i begin
the thread is worn and might give in
underneath it all i feel the eyes
of all the things that i despise
can i fight them off with sticks and stones?
can i fight them off alone?

soothe yourself x3

now i'm thinking about my own advice
if i could soothe myself it might be nice
callin' names ain't the same no more
took a look and locked that door
memories and cold hard facts
watched it all come rushing back
all the times i told you what to do
all the times i thought i knew

soothe yourself x4

soothe yourself x3


i would love to be better
i would love to be free
i would love to be perfect
when you look at me
but instead i'm still crying
yes instead i'm still lying
sad to say i'm still trying
not to be me
when i see all the weakness
that i turned into sickness
i still think i can slide
just fine on the ice
it's not easy to be honest
sometimes i'm just astonished
how hard it can be to be true

why do i lie?
is it just to get by
if i give up my lines
will i die?
if fortunes are favored
then i am in labor
and i'm trying so hard
to leave lying behind

i don't want to be hazy
i don't think that i'm crazy
but i've had some moments
where i am not sure
and if you can forgive me
for just being human
then i will try harder
to keep my words pure

i could be on the border
it could be a disorder
honestly i think
that i can come clean
and all of my stories might even be boring
if i can tell you
what they all mean



something wrong's goin' on today...
people with nothing getting thrown away
too much blood spilled by diseased minds
filled with fear, yeah they're all filled with fear
so many broken faces
everywhere i look
killing of spirits people hold the power
lights in their eyes have been
turned off for so long

everybody, everybody's tryin' to make a dollar
made marvin scream

made him wanna holler
this ain't livin''s just surviving
don't you know, this ain't livin'
it's just surviving

[one thing i know for sure is
something just ain't right] x2

that man with no home
was once a baby
a little baby
that lady with no home
can't remember
how she got there


so afraid of what you can't understand
try harder to compreehend
feelings of guilt keep pouring down
deny deny it will eeat you up insidee


i cry for the love in your eyes
i try to let you be free
if you're blue
don't let it worry you
you'll make it through
and if you don't believe me
faith will come humbly down
fear will come tumbling down

cynics may fill the books
critics may give you looks
but i'll stand by you 'til you die
and i'll be wise in the afterlife

[faith will come humbly down
fear will come tumbling down] x3


one day i was telling you
all about coming from dust
cashed it i to buy a few locks i knew wouldn't rust
if i lock you up
will the edges fade
will you understand
how simple i am
i can walk for many miles
thinking that i'll never comprehend
i can't argue worth a d___
'cause i know my questions never end

if i walk away
will the phrases play
or will they all become one
under the sun

and when the pleasure is done
(why don't i want to know it all) x2
and when the measuring's done
somehow i already know it all

answers never satisfy
i wear them out as soon as they come
i lie in between the sides
i'm happy when the fighting is done
so i'll read the news
and i'll get the blues
and i'll make it matter
for a minute or two


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