The Frogs Sailors Board Me Now Lyrics

ten times i loved you, twenty times i hated you
but all in all when the love was done
we shoved the boat to shore
and agreed that girls are bores
men let's stick together
older men who are h____
should be together with other men who are lonely
c___tail lounging on our yachts made of hot c___
oh greased down and waxed and built and bulging boys
named Jimmy Jack Roy Bloy
weird last name but just the same
oh ho ho, get your paddles out here we go
oh ho ho, blow me down you sailors ohhh
oh there ' s a strong current brewing
oh I can feel it coming through me
there's a little olive pit stuck in somewhere
i can feel your
i can feel the toothpick, you're a thin man
i can feel a toothpick, get out of my sandbox boys
on the yacht, cherry c___
all aboard
sailors here we go, left hand up the road
all aboard, i'm board t' death with girls
sailors board me now
i was born t' be f___ed like a cow
cowards, men who don't f___ me are cowards
girls who get near me are fools
oh boys, men get on board
we're going sailing, places unknown
it's gonna be quite a trip

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