Clipse EGHCK Lyrics



"You can't be serious
You can not be serious right now" -- "Get-get-get down"

[M] Yeah

"You think cause we from the same hood
You expect me to do some s___ with you?"

[M] Malicious!

"The f___ you ever do for me, huh?" -- "Get-get-get down"

[M] Uh

"Oh now I'm a star
Now you think I need to give you some handouts"

[M] Star Trak y'all

"Man get the f___ outta here"

[Verse - Pusha T]
It go hot waist - Desert.. triangle face
Hesi-tate - never, I'll put hole in whoever
Don't make Push' Russian Roulette ya
Gamble wit ya life
Change came from cocaine I've measured
White was the treasure, comfort was the steel
I pedal to the corner like a child on a big wheel
Flow more sicker, so much shake in the street
They measure my weight in Richter
Make no mistake, I rhyme for the public
But still I push yay that make the ghetto's quake
By all means I've seen I've lived
By 22 years old, 50 thousand dollar vehicles I rimmed
My dreams start over the stove
I ran over the globe and back again
You seen em, five-ten, hair swingin, dark skinned
Gun on my hip like a sargeant
Wrist Green Power, Chris Tuck' in my watch
Anytime the small hand move, it's +Rush Hour+

[Chorus - Clinton Sparks] (Pusha T)
Baby you don't want no problems wit us
Cause we the type of dudes who don't think, we bust
You die (EGHCK!)
When you come close to
And you get held back cause you're not supposed to
You die (EGHCK!)
When we roll up on dubs
And get VIP all up in the club
You die (EGHCK!)
Homie I am a star
And you might get hurt walkin up to my car

[Verse - Malice]
I offer y'all, 24 bars of raw
Like eight b____ in hard or soft
Time I - push em off, they need help now
Cause I - flood the street wit straight melt down
And I'm not proud, infact I hate this route
This the same game got my brother strung out
So I - count the ways that it f___ed up his life
So I don't have a problem wit uping my price
Uh - and who said the game ain't fair?
.. a God d___ loser!
Look - just like chicks, them cats they be runnin they lips
Worried to death am I still in the Clipse
Well, here's a secret bout me and the Clipse
Even in my abscence I'm still the s___ ya dig?!
Everything doing it big, from the cars to the home
From the cash to the chrome, they can't say the game ain't grown
Did they tell you bout the nine? I keeps me that
I don't ever fall off like Adebisi Hat
When times get t__e, the c__e game like riding a bike
You heavy as me? not in your life

"Can't be running up on me acting like you know me when you don't
Man I'm a star now, fall back!"



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