Bone Thugs n Harmony Bone Thugs n harmony & Bizzy Bone - Life Goes On (Tupac Tribute) Lyrics

Life Goes on

Mmm-hmm, Mr. Shakur, man, your essence remains

Chorus: And by the freedom of God, we got a sure
shot, and Jesus-you've been good to me when it all
stops, my life goes on for sure, Mr. Shakur and
blessed with your presence, your essence remains

Verse One: I never made it in school in '92,
lookin for a job as a part-time father, only if
you knew Pac, with the chronic thru your music was
gettin me thru, it's 1999 now, what we gone do,
huh, ya oh! enemies snicker when I pour out a
little liquor, better not pass me your name and
make you out to be the sinner who spent the
holiday with that ghetto, cookin a hood dinner,
writin my memoirs right next to your picture,
remember: Life Goes On, that's what you told me
homie, and Sylk~E~Fine hooked it up in the nick of
time you know me-s___, I may be lonely and I talk
to you, I hope you listening and we mob thru you,
we all miss him, and mommy say hey, she feed the
babies, Johnny J still crazy as hell, takin your
class in college, hope I don't fail, I wish I had
the mail for the million dollar bill, but that'd
be too much like writin the whole situation, and
it smells kind of fishy to me, bring the demons to
the light, the truth-it might set me free, but
they can't kill you twice, by the freedom of God
we have a sure shot, and Jesus you have been so
good to me.............


Verse Two: Yo, my friends ain't feelin me, tobacco
companies make money off of killin me, we been
waitin for forty acres like we said it, d___, and
the earthquakes with the world's retaliation, all
the abomination, call it El Nino, but it feels
like revelation, huh, and Pac they got to you, you
don't think I think a fan shot you, they was
jealous of your jewelry, and the jury thought they
got you, I fast, prepare for the rapture with a
blast for the ghetto b______s, walk in the
wilderness with God given talent for ashes, pass
the pastor, he ain't helpin the hood like judges
should, but life goes on, it's all good, and homie
we fight for wood, to keep us stupid huh, and
after Eazy, it ain't no more Ruthless acoustics,
same producers seduce us, with jewels to boost us,
before we prove em wrong, kinda revolutionary to
move us, but life goes on, within the music and
the song, it's abusive if you use it to fuel your
fire, huh......


Verse Three: Supportin my people, distortin my
people, they callin my people, evil is finders
keepers losers weep the reaper, all you G's now,
proposition 187, and you think we sleep now, how
in the new millenium could we smile, God loves the
underdog, and of course the ghettos are close,
just when the rain falls, reminisce on tattoos,
the oceans, pain y'all, note here for the dosage
of prozac he prescribed, ther's too much melanin
in my system, musical group, we won't die, and
what's the meaning of survival, knowledge of
wealth is right there in your bible look at the
literal and learn yourself, pass me the lighter
when I'm stressin on these issues, did I mention
my momma gonna need some tissue when they get you,
I continue to flow eternal, remember Mo Murda way
back in the day, smokin burners with lil Layzie,
man we shootin at the turtle, him and his big boyz
d_____ me out, I'm all alone with my Thuggish
Ruggish shirt on, but still many, I don't hate
you, we black and strong, even though I know right
where you live, I forgive you and life goes


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