Teamkiller Over is Out Lyrics

Up until now no longer I've come to point
Where I have to ask myselfe what the deal is with our lives
Everything seems to be falling apart in front of my eyes
Like a puzzle thrown at the wall
I lack the perseverance to put it thought again
To finish the game

The day I realized that my trust misused
I saw much clearer but not for the good
I sacrificed, invested so much of myselfe
Now I have to make sure to net let it he used against me

Should I try to solve th problems and face the facts
Should I risk the chance to fall flat on my face again
To sow new seeds in this spoiled earth
Is it necessary to destroy the old to build a new
Should I do nothing and lose my hope
Should I just well alone and let us grow apart

Just to avoid this confronntation
No matter wich path I choose
My consequences still remain
Over & Out

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