EPMD Hold Me Down Lyrics

[Erick Sermon]
Mm-hmm, hold me down
Hold me down
Hold me down
Ah yeah yeah hold me down
Yeah uh-huh uh-huh, hold me down
Word up, ye-yeah, a-yeh, to hold me down
Eh te eh te eh, hold me down
Word to, everybody that, hold me down
Huh? Ah-huh, yo, what?

Aiyyo P back me up now, hold me down
while I go around this town, s_____in crowns
from those supposed, wannabe rap vocalists
If you nice get your rope and dosey-do in this
Let me know somethin - you wanna fight? Let's go somethin
If not, close your mouth and say nothing
Y'all imitations, f___in up the whole situation
with sucker MC infiltration

[Parrish Smith]
Aiyyo straight up, you light MC's better get your weight up
I'm benchin three hundred and change, starvin cats get ate up
Ain't that ill? How I can just stare, and watch the blood spill
from an unknown rapper, but now the rapper's no thrill
Now how real is that? Burnin gats, knifes and bats
Hot rhyme, status, with the hot wax
Mixed with the street slang, is where it's at
Perhaps, you should close your mouth kid and slide back


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