Buck-O-Nine Tear Jerky Lyrics

don't you shut that door
don't you leave so soon
wanna know where i've been
well i'll tell you the truth
i've seen it all before
none of this is new to me

you said that thing had changed
and everything was alright
you wish i was cool
and i'd wish you were nice
behind that innocent face
filled with guilty delights for me

such an innocent life
such an innocent mind
you get caught when you try to lie
your whole life has been gentrified
do you know what i mean?

you had secrets to hide
you think I'd never find out
you said your lips were sealed
and then you'd open your mouth
this aint a question of guilt
this is a question of doubt in you

you want the world on a platter
want your friends on a string
you want them all to matter
want them down on their knees
they'll give you what you've dreamed of
but it's not what you need

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