Steve Hackett Dreaming with open eyes Lyrics

A rainy drive on a long straight highway
Can cause time to lose it's meaning
And the mind to wander far from the act of driving
Interruptions at every curve no longer jangle against your nerves
A rainbow bridge is not far away
Now you're standing on the steps of a fountain
On a hot summer's day

Running along a tree-lined pathway
Slowing your pace until you feel
Your heart beats in rhythm to the first light of day
Now you're running down a mountain
In the cool blue shade

A waterfall where you lift your head
Colours cascade from green to red
And the fireflies that dance when the light is fading
You drift away on the night ride
With eyes that dream as much as they see
The wind in the willows winding through the grass
The drawbridge of consciousness is lifted at last

Where are you going?

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