Tash Ricochet Lyrics

Mm.. sing that s___ for daddy baby
Pump this m_________er up.. richochet, ricochet
RICHOCHET (ricochet, ricochet)
RICHOCHET (yo homies, one two yo)

My style is too cold for words, it's like a bullet gone stray
Ease off, I'm bout to speak and hit the wall and ricochet
I rock the Cali way (for sure) I'm only in it to score
n____z say I'm owed one, but it's more like four
Hardcore entrepeneur, strainin like a champ
Rollin out in sixty-three's, that hop without a ramp
Young Tash Vamp'll kick your door in while you're snorin;
now where's that salt you was pourin?
I send the bullet soarin, yo ayy, let you slide? No way
If you a -- "Why do n____z shoot?" -- ("Alright, okay" - Mos Def)
I gotta buck you down for that s___ you was poppin
Now look how rotten the whole situation's gotten
Tash showed you love you shoulda showed me some back
If they catch me they gon' stretch me like Geronimo Pratt
Cause I gotta lay you flat no matter what you say
Homey thought he got away til he caught the ricochet

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