MDC Selfish Shit Lyrics

I don't wanna see
I don't wanna know
I don't wanna change
I'm narrow, quick to change
quick to condemn
quick to loose my temper
I've learned the tactics to control your behavior

I don't wanna know
The truth means self-denial
My selfishness is hatred
My hatred is greed
The world owes me
See me in my selfish womb?

I'll get what I want
Or else I'll throw a fit
Don't care who I take it from
Cause I'm the selfish s___

Like a spoiled brat
Greedy fat rat
Haven't grown since birth
A stillborn to death

I manipulate the fools
Using people as my tools
Built my defense and disguise
By mixing up the truth with lies
I suck the life out of you
I suck the truth out of life


People are just toys in my game

I'm the master
You're the w____
I keep mine
Give me yours
Betray your trust
Leave you poor
In a pit
Rich successful selfish s___
Cold and callous selfish s___
Denying it
Selfish s___
Every bit
The selfish s___

Socialism for the rich
Capitalism for the rest of you
I train you, then drain you
Then complain about you
Pleasing myself means everything
While it's misery to everyone else

Money is power
Power is death
Death is my life
My personal gratification
My justification
For the world situation
My self love
Has become my outward hate
The world unconscious
The alter-ego
The selfish s___
Every bit
The selfish s___

The submission I employ
The pain I cause
The living hell I create

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