Tenacious D History of the D Lyrics

So all the ladies in the house say yeah, yeah.
Come on you m_________ers, say a prayer, prayer.
When you fight, you gots to fight fair.
You m_________er, ho, you m_________er.
You know what time it is.
Tenacious D time, you m_________er go.
f___ yeah.
We ride with kings on mighty steeds,
across the devils plain.
We've walked with Jesus and his cross,
he did not die in vain, no!
Kyle's fingers be silver.
Jack's voice then be gold,
but lest you think we're vain.
We know it's open mic night and we don't care. Tenacious D,
we reign! We reign, supreme, oh God!
Burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme,
and a nacho supreme. Supreme, yeah.
Go now Kyle, go now Kyle. Supreme!

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