Snoop Dogg Smooth Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah, make some m_________in noise
Yo doggy dogg youre on, live on stage
Performin tonight, excuse me doggy dogg youre on
You know! the one and only
Don corleone, the big homey yknow me

Well if its on I guess its bout time
Let me slide into this og rhyme
I do mine the way I do mine
And I takes my time when Im droppin my lines
I look around, I spot mcs (and they)
All in the place (and they) all wannabes
Tryin ta make their paper, tryin to do their thang
But to me they all tryin to say the same thang
How could you rap over *? be said what? *
You aint reachin the crowd, you aint makin your fact
You aint droppin lines that hit the top
You cant make the party go hip-hop
Abd you cant do your thing without usin mine
We get and steal, I see youre on the grind
But ima take my time to get my point across
And if you get caught up in the rap s___ then got lost
And if you get tossed its on your own, its your own fault
See I gots ta get mine, I dont try no song
I just move on, groove on, try to prove on
Then I do mines to do mines and ima keep on, keep on, keep on
To getcha you in a...smooth type of atmosphere
Sit back and pay attention yeah
You aint never heard it like that
Uhh, is that right? thats right black
But uhh,


Sixx minutes (sixx minutes), sixx minutes (sixx minutes)
Sixx minutes doggy dogg youre on
Uh uh on, uh uh on
Excuse me doggy dogg youre on

I gets my hair whipped on friday, my day, why they
Even trippin on me? yeah the big homey
Gamey gamey says snoop corleone
Listen to me man, stay away from them phoneys
Its n____s like that that get you caught up quick
You gots ta stay focussed dogg, keep your eye on your grip
Cos if you slip they gon getcha and they gon getcha fast
These n____s out for your money man, they tryin to get your cash
I dont give a d___, you gots ta match
You can be from the east coast and get love cos I aint trippin on your a__
I dont smash on n____s who are smaller than me
I smash on n____s who big like the dpgc
Ooohwee, I getcha crazy
You gots ta have a stomach for this s___, ba-by
And if ya dont you wont, you fake the funk
See snoop is the g in the g-funk
Now dont do nothin that you cant get out of me
Uh uh, you know I got big love for the real gs
We make mo gs, I gots ta have it



I got the, I got the, I got the paper
I keep ya, I keep ya, I keep ya cryin
I thought ya, I thought ya knew my n____
Ya better, ya better ask somebody (better ask somebody)

Uh, it dont quit
Now let me take my time and just get into the s___
Im just driftin, so swift and smooth
How many n____s make the whole party move like I do?
I cant name nobody
So sit back relax and let the dogg rock the party
Aint no party like a dp party
Cos everybody in the dp partys naughty
They acts a fool, old school, new school
Everything is everything, everybody playin cool
Aint no set trippin, everybody just dippin
b____es gettin with n____s and n____s gettin b____es
Its all superb, word to my momma
Aint no drama, no need for that
You can put your gat back in your pocket
Unlock it cos snoop dogg is on the mic, I plan to rock it
Dont stop, (excuse me doggy dogg youre on)


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