Too Short I'm Pimpin' Lyrics

{*sample in background: "Sir Too $hort"*}

[Too $hort]
Ay... b____! ...

My ho got the money for me
I told her meet me at the spot, cause I wanted to see
How much she got from the tricks today
It's a normal thing for me to get paid
And my hookers don't stand at the intersection
Them tricks go surfin on the internet
And then I count it that night, or maybe in the mornin
I'm just another pimp from California
Oakland, up in the bay
We break new hoes in every day
How many hoes you got, don't ask tonight
Cause these hoes get turned out faster than lights
I've been countin G's for days
Who cares if she leaves or stays
I get somethin for nothin, cause you wanna touch her
Hug her and love her, I get paid and say f___ her

Cause if I cain't get mine
You ain't gettin s___ you better wait in line
If I cain't get mine
You ain't gettin s___ you better wait in line
Cause I'm pimpin, pimpin, pimpin, pimpin
I'm pimpin, pimpin, pimpin, I'm pimpin baby!

[Too $hort]
I got 16 prostitutes
When it's time, I do what I gots to do
I'm on the grind, for every nickel and dime
I let a b____ get mine, and then I spit these rhymes
No it's not a freestyle, it's me
I just wanna be wild and see
How the hoes start choosin when the pimps walk in
Shut your mouth up when a pimp's talk-in
Beeatch, I know you heard
I got the whole world sayin my favorite word
I got your ex-girl layin in my bed, she's work
Seen her at the club and she had to flirt
I smoke the pert, I light it up
Yeah I'm a pimp but I like to f___
s__y lil' long-haired women
But I still let 'em know that I'm pimpin


"I'ma see if I can go catch me, a nice pretty young b____"
{*phone rings*} "Hold on, let me see what b____ that is"
"Okay this the b____ here right now, y'knahmsayin?"
"Hey b____, what's happenin? I already know what you fin' to say b____"
"Yeah b____, yeah b____, only thang you do b____, is just go to work
handle my business, get my money, don't give me no problems, everythang gon' be alright"

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