Menace Glc Lyrics

Gotta get outa this rat race
Gonna kicka my cage to f___
Political Man and your smilin' lies
You're all covered in s___

You're full of s___, s___
s___ s___ s___ s___

Waitin' for a cell in a block of rock
Get me down, get me down, name and number
Get hitched dirty b____ ditch with the baby talk
Oh no! You won't get lumbered

Court room six, dirty fix
Down a cell, live in hell
What's your name, what's your game
m_________, magistrate

How do you do it, divide and rule?
Split 'em up, split 'em up, keep 'em out of sight
End up in the factory instead of in a school
Left right, left right, right right, wrong!

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