Caught In The Act Don't Look For Love Lyrics

You say little things mean so much to you
like walks in the park when we talked to the stars Caught
but these little things
made me fall for you
and I can´t refrain
I just have to explain In

I would die for you if you asked me to
I know it sounds strange but its true The

Girl don´t you look for love
´cause its close enough don´t Act
search any further
´cause my love won´t hurt you Don´t
don´t look for love
be sure enough I´m ready and able Look
to be all that you´re dreaming of
(all that you´re dreaming of) For

Baby let me know how it feels for you
don´t say we´re just friends Love
on this my part depends
oh I cannot do when I know its ture
if you told me no then we´d have to let go
can´t spend time with you now you know the truth
unsless you say I´m in your heart

Repeat chrous

If I had the chance tp spend my life with you
there´s nothing I would not do
so I´m letting you know that
there´s no need for searching
you no I´m deserving

Repear chorus

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