Keith Murray Dip Dip Di Lyrics

Ha ha ha Def Squads in the house. One more time. Hostile word up. Keith
Murray representin' ?. Yeah

Verse 1:
Keith Murray gets busy most beautifully
Got Hostile with E.D. in 93
Yo it's a small small world out there so prepare and beware
Because I'm coming out rougher this yeah ah yeah
Now you know I don't care
With a hardrock funk style that's pretty much out there (word up)
With the wickedest episodes on the globe
With my patterns are murderous poetry unfold
My vocabilation is out of your imagination
(We Slam like Onyx on your radio station)
I'm internationally known from the east to the west coast
I like hot b___er on my breakfast toast
Why chase the bass of the base of my face
When you know what kind of b____ you are in the first place
I bust phat rap caps miraculously
Come across me for a little something for everybody
You're all in the mustard and can't ketchup
I wreck up like a tech up so go get a check up

I dip dip di your face in the place
I dip dip di in your face...and brings the drama like Jason (x2)

Verse 2:
The one and only philly blunt king Murray
Apostrophy Keith chief of the phontom leaf
I Takes It To The Streets over raggady ruff beats
And I turns beef into minks meat
Now who wanna test? Compound or stress?
Yes I'll hurt that chest just like a vest never the less
I still writes like a mad journalist
In the heart of the funk of this who is this?
Drainin' your brain you can't maintain
Please Keith come back kiss away the pain
With b_____ murder you never heard of
Click like the Def Squad comin' more ubsurder
I cert a, for the way I hurt a and murder (yeah)
Tracks way before the hard hit of cracks
Way before the Gotti and the Angles fought backs
Yeah I brung drama like Jason


Verse 3:
And we be blowin' up the spot like nitroglycerin
For those who be listenin' I be rolling like perellies on Michellins
Simpleton, I gets r_____ed like Bart Simpson
Vicous and superstitious hit you with snitchy stitches
There will be repentance when I cast my sentence
I bite with a vengence, you can tell in every f___in' sentence
That I'm finestly cruel with ink in my think tank
Remember the current with my memory bank
Point blank I'm ranked number one (yes my son)
So eat a d___ up...and hiccup

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