Ricky Van Shelton I Cried My Last Tear For You Lyrics

When you left me lonely here I thought that I would drown in tears
As one was wiped away another one would take its place
But drop by drop as time went by I slowly ran that river dry
Till I finally realized today

Well I've cried my last tear for you wasted my last year on you
There's no trace of the heartache I knew
It's been rainin' pain since you walked out but baby that's all over now
Cause I've cried my last tear for you
[ steel - guitar ]
I used to lay alone in bed with my pillow soaking wet
And all of those lonely nights I thought there was no end in sight
I cried my heart out over you then I cried the hurt out too
It took a while but now I'll be all right

Now I've cried my last tear for you...
Yes baby I've cried my last tear for you

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