Irving Eyes Adjust to Light Lyrics

Were you staring in the darkness on an autumn winter night
were you waiting for your eyes to adjust to the light
were you thinking of the one
who came and took your mind
away from all this

Did you realize that you'd lost the only love
you've ever had and when you wake up next to strangers
does it make you feel sad
and do you ever feel ashamed
when you can't remember the strangers' name

Did you think about the things you've had
but did not want to keep
and do the noises outside the window
make it hard for you to fall asleep
do you stay up all night
as your eyes would adjust to the light

Did you really know
all those who you really thought you knew
and did they keep you from the things
you thought you'd really like to do
and do you ever feel sorry
for certain things you said about them

Were you disappointed by the things
you thought that you had found
and do you still feel sorry for the people
who walk aimlessly around
and do they just fill up the s___e and make it hard
for you to walk around in

Were you listening for something better
you could hear and were you waiting
for a nicer image to appear
or do you love the things too much
and hold them close until they disappear

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