Los Lobos Reva's House Lyrics

Maybe it was the way he walked
Or the way he combed his hair
Could have been the fancy words
Or the sweet wine in the air

Wasn't the muddy shoes she'd hear
Slow coming up the hall
Or the faces in the pictures
That were hanging on the wall

Knock down the door to Reva's house
There's something going on
The dogs were barking late last night
There's something going wrong

Maybe she hoped he would just go away
And wake up alone in bed
Maybe there was no reason
For the things that he had said


Didn't find the matches
Couldn't light them in the dark
Could only hear the sound
Of the breaking of her heart

"Don't know where to run to
I don't know where to hide
Can't hold my head up anymore
Don't listen when I cry"


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