Barbie At the ball Lyrics

Skirts that billow, sleeves that tie are the only things to wear at the ball
Tease your hair up three feet high if you want to show your flare at the ball
Why where what those stuffy girls are wearing? I think seaweed wraps are quite the height of style
Pineapple is naturally daring, wear a fruit cup and a smile mmmmm that's it
Something satin ,throw a hat in and a purple parisol. that's how to make an entrance at the ball
In a panic, think organtic, look at this, one size fits all! Now you can be beauty at the ball!
I think you shoul loose the silly nestthing
No way
I'm the one whose been to these before
I know! Orange tafituffs(sp?) the best thing
Yes the best thing to ignore
Skirt, dress, loose, tight, more, less, draft, bright, no, yes, black, white!
There is something good in what you're saying, I know, if I go I want to look me best
And you're right my choices should reflect me, but I can't be underdressed!
I look nice in Island Blue
I can find you some of that by the wall
Fine designs or curly Q
I will sketch you all the shapes, I recall
Something pink is fun to try
You can use this as a rap or a shawl
Sparkle like the evening sky
And with this you're gurarenteed to enthrall
Perfect! Well, almost, there's something missing
Oh, please, except these, do you think they'll do?
Azul your gift makes this a dream come true!
Now you'll take their breath away! We can see you'll be the jewel of them all!
Last of all, a rose boquet
You're gonna have a great time at, I'm gonna have a great time at
You're gonna have a great time at, the ball!

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