HEAVENWOOD Frithiof's Saga Lyrics

Under the caress of the mountain prospered
Two mortals which all beheld
Never surrending before them
All happening in a horrifying manner
One, proud as a god
Raised high his head for heaven
Bold and brave, the hunter
(of that forest, he was alone)
The other, sweet as a rosary
Despite being arrested by the winter (Season)
Which coldness makes anyone fall
Still then (she stubornly rose her head) with love
For thespite the unleashed storm
Their beauty and love
(were the truth to their union)
'Cause after uncovering the sun
Were they still holding one another
Both living in happiness
The boy in his youth was Frithiof
Beauty young... Ingesburge
Was the maiden of his dreams
Both so sweet as Brunbilde
That Freya, goddess of love
Wanted them to live in her mansion
And so, were they both shelted withut delay
The moon undone in moonlight
Near the forest they danced
Without knowing what has been
Embraced together through the flames of the night
When he understood the signs
Frithiof, happier than a god
Felt in intensive happiness
When he met his knewly bride

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