Bunji Garlin Snake Oil Lyrics

geez an' ages (ah), look at dis (huh)
gyrations (geez), ossilations,
geez an' ages, ha ha, bllllt

[verse one]
gyal yuh in charge like a great sarge
ah want tuh wine on you but I 'fraid ah go discharge
ah want tuh dodge you, but ah have tuh watch you
cuz ah doh' tink dat ah have enuff skill tuh crush you
cuz de way yuh wine up in de dance man does 'fraid you
you've got de baddest wine a man 'fraid tuh grade you
ah feel is in a tub a snake oil dey bathe you
and dats why bunji garlin will look an' say

you see yuh hot gyal face, wit yuh rude gyal waist
wit dat bad gyal pace, gyal yuh dread like mase
an' ah feel you might catch a winin' case
cuz man wine on you, dey end up in back brace
caw you is a snake oil, a snake oil, a snake oil gyal
you is a snake oil, a snake oil, a snake oil gyal x 3

[verse two]
yuh circular hip momentum tearin' out juss like tractor
man want tuh wine on you but now dey runnin' by chiropractor

dey fallin' down on de ground, people dyin' wit laughter
de way yuh winin' woman ah want tuh get yuh autograph after
de way how you maneuver like a certified tuner
gyal ah keep getting' ruder, wishin dat you was nuder
I know I doh concern it, but I love how you turn it
And I juss want tuh burn it dats what I say


hey, woman I love how wit ah roll, de way yuh keep under control
it's like yuh strike ah pot ah gold, dey got it cold, yuh have it cold
de way yuh b__per roll, woman yuh have under control,
it's like yuh strike ah pot ah gold, hear dis na man
all my ladies, all you babies, yuh ain't got no hiv, no aids, no rabies or scabies
it ain't no if, no but, no maybes, but dis is de time ah want all de ladies jump
now x 3, jump, x 6
faster x 3, jump x 8
caw we jookin', an' we jookin' x 3, an' we

[verse three]
de way yuh turn dat, I don't concern dat
but de crowd surround you like dey well want to learn dat
watch you wit' yuh clean back, yuh juss make me lean back
and watch how yuh c___ back, now ah have tuh rock back
ah wonder what oil yuh usin' gyal what's de potion
cuz yuh movin' graceful like a dolphin in de ocean
ah wonder where yuh get dis winin' devotion
ah want tuh come an' wine up, dats what I say


snake oil gyal x 4

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