Ol' Dirty Bastard Caked Up Lyrics

[Intro: Ol' Dirty b______ (Baby Sham)]
Yo, this Dirt McGirt representin' Brooklyn
We gettin' ready to wreck s___ up, downtown, uptown
(Boroughs, ya'll n____z better know it's something) Wu-Tang, b____
(Get ya f___in' head punched ya f___in' shoulders, duke
This is how we do, everyday, blast through your m_________in' speaker, n____)

[Chorus: Baby Sham]
Uh, we be so caked up, ya'll best wake up
It's just us and we livin' this up
We sip that cognac, then lean far back
It's just us, and we flippin' the truck
Don't be so gassed up, be foul, a__ed up
When them coroners, pickin' you up
First you was in a black tux, now you all axed up
You smashed what, like you givin' it up

[Ol' Dirty b______]
I'm good with them free throws, like I play ball
When the war is on, it's McGirt that you call
The last man standing, heavy with the cannon
Come through on a bike, with a bulletproof, prancin'
Leave you in your pearl, put you on the porch, dancin'
And leave your brains on the back of a white shirt
While they playin' some old school s___ by Al and Bert
(To all my b____es that smell like perfume, Dirt McGirt be here for you baby)
I'm not gonna stop til I'm under the dirt


[Baby Sham]
You can never be as half as me
Cuz one thing'll lead to another, c___ sucker, melt ya knees
And make sure that your casket's deep
Cuz my trigger finger's itchin' like Athlete's feet
So stand wise, when you meet the chief
And watch your movements in the circle of the ultra-beast
I'm that n____ that'll culture speak
Whose gon' ride, whose gon' die, divorce your peeps
It get's worse on the down reaking
So please, dog, do you a favor, move from around me
Cuz I set my boundaries, you wanna know where I'm from
Ask Bust' where he found me, true B
Paper chasin', Franklin' raping
And for sure, I'm gonna make my statement
And believe that the s___ is taken
Cuz the gun, playin' long, like vacations


[Outro: Ol' Dirty b______]
We lay the law down, m_________er
Big Moses in the m_________er house
Any way that n____ go out, that's how the n____ go out
Grand capo

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