Mylon & Broken Heart World Changer Lyrics

Prov 23:12, Is 55:8-11

It seems like there's so much to do
You know I'm on the road again
Sometimes I know I lose sight of you
And I never know when

I need to know what I'm supposed to do
What pleases me is just pleasing You
So won't you show me just before I start
What is Your vision for my broken heart

I may not change the world today
But I know you're chaning mine
(World changer)
And I know You've got a better way
Let us see the grand design
(World changer)
Change my world

There's always someplace new to go
Wearing a ministry disguise
Lord help me hear You if You tell me no
Help me to be wise

Help me not to do more than I should
Even if it's in the name of doing good
I just need to know Your will today
And I don't want to get in Your way


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