Suede (Stina Nordenstam) Keen Yellow Planet Lyrics

The keen yellow planet
Bleeding out into the night
Hidden oceans of longing
Now tell me that this is right

Intoxicated by stars
Very far away from land
At a hotel near the airport
I hear the planes start and land

I'm never close
I'm just that shadow
Underneath your window
I like the pose
All night my naked stare
Will make you stay awake

The keen yellow planet
Bleeding down over the earth
All dead serious lovers
Now tell me what this is worth

Intoxicated by darkness
Very far away from home
This poison must be harmless
'Cause my body is still warm

I'm never far
From where I lie
I'll easily reach and touch you
I will stir your heart
I will stare you out
Till you return my gaze

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